There are a lot of alternate organizations our members could belong to, but they choose the United States Kido Federaton because they were looking for something better. No politics. No bought rank. No interference in internal school business. If you are looking for true support through your martial arts journey then take a look at the USKF. Find out how you can grow, progess, and pay what you learn forward in a positive, politically free environment.

Basic Membership — All United States Kido Federation Members receive a discount on sponsored USKF Seminars, a discount on USKF Sanctioned Tournaments, and a discount (over non-members) at certain USKF promotional examinations.  New membership packages include: a membership patch, membership certificate, and membership card.  Apply Here

Instructor Membership — USKF Certified Instructors receive more than just a plaque and a pat on the back for joining. Our goal is to create a successful organization. The reason USKF instructors are among the very best is their willingness to share knowledge and grow. Instructors have the opportunity to attend free instructional skills seminars and learn from some of the very best in the business. There is work involved in becoming a USKF Instructor, but it is well worth effort. If you are committed, driven, and have the desire to become better we want you as a member.  Apply Here

School Membership — Becoming a United States Kido Federation chartered school comes with a lot of perks. The main school owner (if accepted) receives one FREE instructor certification for themselves or a qualified desginee, membership materials, and informaton on how to help grow your business and increase profits utilizing your affiliation with the USKF. Our chartered schools are more than just a number, they are part of our extended family. USKF chartered schools work together to promote, develop, and grow martial arts in the United States. If you are ready to make a change.  Apply Here.  

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