Are you interested in becoming a USKF Chartered School? School Charters are good for 2 years and include 1 instructor certification certificate for the qualified owner or designee at the appropriate level. Email us for more information on what it takes to become a chartered school. You won’t believe the amazing benefits. The United States Kido Federation offers stellar support to all its affiliated schools and instructors. Your success is our success.

INFORMATION The United States Kido Federation (USKF) is dedicated to preserving the best of the heritage of Korean martial arts styles as they are practiced in the United States while encouraging their continued growth, development, and evolution. Charted Schools should strive to live up to the ethical, legal, moral, and developmental standards of the USKF. As a federation, the USKF will not interfere in the day-to-day operation of any Chartered School or Instructor. Applicants should, however; understand that the USKF does reserve the right to refuse and revoke both charters and certification of any applicant or member. As a condition of Charter, applicants agree to always operate their schools in an ethical manner that adheres to the principles of honesty and integrity. Applicants agree that in the interest of promoting open and honest dialog with clients about their journey through the marital arts. Contracts shall contain easily understandable language and shall always be fairly executed. The USKF encourages Chartered Schools to utilize arbitration services (ex: BBB) for any disputes with clients to insure an impartial resolution. Chartered Schools shall strive to create a professional environment that promotes and brings honor to the arts. No Chartered School shall knowingly employ any person or utilize any strategy that would compromise the reputation of their school, their program, or the United States Kido Federation. This includes bait and switch deals, belt mill strategies, false advertising of any kind, or employing unqualified individuals. As a condition of becoming a Chartered School applicants shall understand that the United States Kido Federation considers the safety of the student to be of paramount importance. Chartered Schools must have policies in place that consider the protection and safety of all students and provide a copy to the USKF. The USKF is very interested in the solvency of each Chartered School and has opportunities in place that allow both Chartered School Owners and Instructors the ability to make money from their association with the USKF. This includes a significant outline for profit sharing from membership fees, examination fees, certification fees, and seminar fees. Guidelines and profit percentages for participation in these opportunities will be sent to applicants if their Chartered Schools are accepted. Chartered Schools shall maintain adequate liability insurance to cover their daily operation and secure specialized liability insurance for events as needed. Chartered Schools shall include the USKF as an additional insured on any event co-sponsored or sanctioned by the federation. The United States Kido Federation will accept no responsibility for the actions of USKF Chartered Schools or USKF Instructors. The USKF has no direct supervisory relationship with Chartered Schools or Instructors. No Chartered School or Instructor shall be vested with any rights, privileges, or responsibilities not issued to them in writing signed by the President of the USKF. I have read and understand this agreement and I am aware that by signing this agreement I am relieving the United States Kido Federation, its Parent Corporation, its officers, staff, employees, and volunteers of any liability for my actions, lack of action, or any duty or obligation I have or may incur. Furthermore, I agree to all conditions listed herein. I understand that if accepted a Charter will last for two years from the date of issuance unless revoked.

$200.00 – 2 Year Charter Fee w/ Instructor Certification

Submit your application on-line or snail mail. Include:,proof of insurance, a copy of your school rules, one (1) instructors application, 2 passport photos, and payment to


$200 for 2 Years (includes 1 instructor certification)


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