Testing requirements for individuals seeking Gup ranking through United States Kido Federation varies by style and background.  In order to test with the USKF, you must be a member in good standing with the federation. IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY A MEMBER OF A USKF SCHOOL, PLEASE SEE YOUR INSTRUCTOR BEFORE PETITIONING TO TEST AT THE FEDERATION HEADQUARTERS.

If you are training at a USKF Chartered School, please see your instructor.  For those individuals transferring in from a non-USKF school, a judging panel will review your request and you will be sent the requirements for the rank for which you are applying.  For members not previously ranked through the USKF there is a non-refundable $25 membership fee.  The testing amount is for Gup ranks 10th through 1st is set by individual schools.

Testing may be done by arrangement at USKF headquarters, a USKF chartered school, or by video examination. Testings done by video must adhere to ALL 

Gup Test at Omaha Blue Waves – Omaha, NE

the requirements supplied to the applicant. All video tests should be completed in one filming, applicants should not seek to edit, alter, or enhance the contents in any way.  Video testing must be provided to the board in standard DVD format.  The applicant is responsible for all shipping and handling fees.

Testing does not guarantee rank promotion. Any applicant who fails a GUP test at the Federation headquarters may petition to test one additional time within 6 months in a time and manner set by the examination board at no cost. 

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