The United States Kido Federation will sanction a limited number of tournaments each year. USKF Charter Schools may apply for sanctioning at NO COST. Non-Chartered Schools may apply for a sanction at the cost of $100.00 per event. The USKF will not sanction any full contact events. All sanctioned events must either use either USKF standard rules or have their rules approved by the USKF before receiving a sanction. ALL Sanctioned events must have sufficient insurance to cover liability of the event and indemnify the United States Kido Federation against all claims arising from the sanctioned event.

Sanctioning levels are based on a pre-year circuit “buy in” that is factors the applying promotor’s level of participation in the preceding year’s events. All promotor’s shall provide the USKF with a list of division winners within 3 weeks of the completion of the event.

Sanction Information Request Form

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