The Contractual Conundrum: Student Contracts (Part 1)

I regularly get calls from martial arts school owners asking for advice on how to handle various problems. They range from contract negotiations with landlords to the best way to deal with parents. While each situation is different and certainly there is no one right answer… my advice always begins with “Do the right thing

It Must Be Something Else

By GM Jeff Helaney President United States Kido Federation I read a post not too long ago from a Facebook acquaintance who listed a number of reasons why if your uniforms didn’t look the same, your bows weren’t done the same way, or if you called your patterns something else (.. ad infinitum) you weren’t

Instructors and Promotions

Jeff Helaney 9th Dan President – United States Kido Federation Is rank really that important? Is one black belt rank more valid than another? Are standards fixed or mutable? I tend to write a lot about this topic because it is plays a significant role how we understand our arts and helps shape our journey

Martial Arts Musings – Integrity

Integrity is a quality that is often espoused but is as rare in the modern world as it was when Diogenes searched ancient Greece for honest man. Ambition, greed, and self-absorption have always lessened a light that was meant to a beacon of the human spirit. Perhaps it is the rarity of this virtue that makes

Martial Arts Musings – The Art of Perseverance

When we first start a martial arts class we are filled with unrealistic expectations. We believe that we will pick up physical skills faster than is humanly possible and many of us compare our progress with images we have seen in the mass media.  The fact of the matter is we are all human. Each

Martial Arts Musings – The Last Promotion

On April 26, 2014 I received my 9th Dan in Traditional TaeKwon-Do from Grandmaster Robert Dunn among an assembly of other noted grandmasters.  The occasion was attended by martial artists from all over the country, past and present students, instructors, and family members. It was the last promotion I will ever receive in the art

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