The United States Kido Federation* is devoted to the promotion of TaeKwon-Do, Hapkido, and other martial arts that originated in Korea as they continue to develop, adapt, and grow in the United States.  Innovation and tradition combine to make a unique organization free from external political influence and rich in educational opportunities.  

The USKF is a growing federation of martial arts schools that was organized as a response to an increasing void within the community. School and Dan rank membership in the organization is not guaranteed, however; if accepted members can expect superior support from the USKF.  Our mission is to provide quality service to  members through unique cooperative training opportunities, recognizable rank certifications, school charters, and tournament support.  

A key difference between the USKF and many other alternative organizations is the support. The federation has minimum standard requirements, but otherwise does not impact the running of individual member schools in any way. 

Join us to find out what means to be part of a positive, growing marital arts association.


The United States Kido Federation is ultimately governed by the USKF President. Federation input is received from members, instructors, and chartered schools.  Each branch of the USKF has a volunteer Advisory Board assigned to review standards and information requests. Advisory Board members provide the USKF President with non-binding recommendations on issues effecting the Federation. 

Sample Certificate - Seal Not Affixed for Security Reasons - Each art has separate Dan Certificates!

Sample Certificate – Seal Not Affixed for Security Reasons – Each art has separate Dan Certificates!

United States Kido Federation
13803 INDUSTRIAL RD. Omaha, NE 68137
(402) 215-6003

“Welcome to the United States Kido Federation. Our goal is to create a unified Korean heritage marital arts community in the United States. We grow closer every day with the help of our membership. You are invited to discover the difference for yourself by joining the USKF as we take a journey to help shape and positively effect our martial arts world.” ~ GM Jeff Helaney

dad and paige - Version 2 GM Jeff Helaney, IX Dan
President United States Kido Federation

GM Jeff Helaney, IX Dan IJTF (A-237-9-6) currently serves as the President of the United States Kido Federation. GM Helaney has been practicing martial arts for over 48 years. He holds black belts 4 separate arts and is a multiple martial arts HOF inductee. An acknowledge leader in the martial arts he is a frequent contributor to martial arts publications.

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