USKF Black Belt Hall of Fame and Excellence Awards

Friday, April 5, 2024 – 6:00 PM
Oak Hills Country Club
12325 Golfing Green Drive
Omaha, Nebraska

The United States Kido Federation Black Belt Hall of Fame’s inaugural event was held in 2013 to recognize individuals whose efforts within the martial arts deserved to be lauded and encouraged. It has continued each year with the same mission, recognize those who might otherwise go unnoticed for the good they do.

Unlike many similar events, the size of the Black Belt Hall of Fame is limited to under 60 attendees and the costs reflective of the expenses of the organization rather than made exuberant. This is to ensure that inductees receive time to be truly honored for their achievements and are not lost in an event where their moment is shared and overshadowed by a crowd of hundreds. Likewise the categories do not just honor individuals with a long history in the art, but those who have just begun their journey. This gave rise to the Moto of  “Honoring the Past, the Present, and the Future of the Martial Arts.”  Among some of our more notable inductees who were physically present for the ceremonies are TaeKwon-Do pioneers SGM Kim, Bok Man (assisted General Choi in the founding of TKD and helped create 15 of the 24 original forms), GM Choi, Yong (Sun Do Sul Founder), and GM Robert Dunn (IJTF Founder). 

In addition to the Hall of Fame and Excellence Awards, the United States Kido Federation and our affiliates have used the Hall of Fame to promote deserving individuals to high ranks with in the art. 


United States Kido Federation Black Belt Hall of Fame
The United States Kido Federation’s Black Belt Hall of Fame recognizes outstanding black belts for their spirit, their dedication, and their accomplishments. Inductees are martial artists whose contributions span stylistic divides and are representative of this organizations ideals regardless of affiliation or association. 
United States Kido Federation Excellence Awards
The United States Kido Federation Excellence Awards are presented to individuals and organizations to recognize their personal dedication or contributions to martial arts. Excellence Award winners will include but are not limited to honoring outstanding competitors, promoters, schools, and martial arts organizations.

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