Pioneers and Legends:
-Vincent Lyn
-Serge Baubil

Lifetime Achievement (In Memory of)
-Rick Staack

Diamond Lifetime Achievement
-James Rosenbach
-Rodney Kauffman
-Roger Rayburn
-Nick Gerassimakis

Outstanding Contributions to the Martial Arts
-Marc Beller

Grand Master of the Year
-Robert Dunn

Masters of the Year
-Puht Dek
-Harold Cline
-Jon Fraser
-James Snowberger
-Cory Kowitz
-Dan McCarthy
-Matt Owens

Instructors of the Year
-Christy “CJ” Stevens
-Jason Frymire
-Michele Helaney
-Benjamin Thompson
-Paige Helaney

Asst. Instructors of the Year
-Terry O’Gara
-Josh Trebbien

2013 Excellence Awards

School of the Year
-SDY TaeKwon-Do

Outstanding Student
-Grant Mannschrekk Jr. BB
-Nolan Trottier – Gup

Outstanding Competitor
-Kelly Gehring

Outstanding Service and Commitment
-Adam Bragg

Outstanding Dedication to the Arts
-Amanda Norman

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