2017 USKF Black Belt Hall of Fame

Pioneers and Legends
Dr. Greggory Youstra* (Age 77 – Date of Promotion)
A student of the deceased founder of TaeKwon-Do, General Choi Hong Hi, Dr. Youstra was a driving force in the spread of TaeKwon-Do in the midwestern United States during the 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s and Beyond. His long overdue promotion to 9th Dan occurred at USKF Black Belt Hall of Fame and was endorsed and certified through the United States Kido Federation and the International Jun Tong TaeKwon-Do Federation.

Lifetime Achievement
Monica Polacek
SM Rick Brabeck

Grandmasters of the Year
GM Mun Jae Won
GM Mark Iles
GM Vince Muscarella

Masters of the Year
SM Robert Sharp
Master Mark Guest
Master Rosie Wallenburg
Master Mark Idol

Outstanding Instructors of the Year
Joseph Belline
Wesley Lee
Tanner Rouley
Nicholas Vawter
Trevor Rouley

Outstanding Assistant Instructors of the Year
Amanda Norman
Will Nevitt
Oleg Gunko
Alissa Kuehn
Sarah Vawter
Keith Christian

Excellence Awards
Kick Drugs Out of Alliance
Millennia Martial Arts
Brittany Meidinger Swift

United States Kido Federation Black Belt Hall of Fame

The United States Kido Federation’s Black Belt Hall of Fame recognizes outstanding black belts for their spirit, their dedication, and their accomplishments. Inductees are martial artists whose contributions span stylistic divides and are representative of this organizations ideals regardless of affiliation or association.

United States Kido Federation Excellence Awards

The United States Kido Federation Excellence Awards are presented to individuals and organizations to recognize their personal dedication or contributions to martial arts. Excellence Award winners will include but are not limited to honoring outstanding competitors, promoters, schools, and martial arts organizations.

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